What do you get from PWA?

Any business considering diversifying for growth will want to make sure that the right tools and support are in place. The easiest way to move your accountancy practice into the high-return world of private wealth management is to learn from people who've done it already, and very successfully too.

Changing the game

Be aware that this is a new field. We have opened it up and are looking for visionary accountants who can see how the world of personal financial management is changing and want to take part in that change.

This will only work if the accountants serving clients under the PWA Association are highly respected and utterly professional. You need to be able to rebuild the trust that has been lost in the financial services sector, with banks and advisors reeling from negative publicity over the last ten years.

If you think you can be part of this , open up a conversation, or read on to find out more.

What you get

Involve yourself in the PWA Association and you'll be able to bring wealth management principles to your existing affluent clients and begin to attract new ones. With the help of the network you'll be able to enter the high- powered world of international wealth management and reap the rewards that a new income stream can deliver.

To do this the PWA-Association provides you with these core tools and services:

  • Unrivalled background knowledge on how to best manage the fortunes of high net worth individuals and their families.
  • Training and knowledge to lever your practice into another league.
  • Proven back office software and tools to aid you in setting up and managing private individuals' and families' wealth portfolios.
  • Help and support from the experienced international wealth managers behind the PWA Association – successful private wealth managers.
  • Marketing materials and guidance to build on your new success by attracting new high net worth clients.
  • Accreditation and certification as you work through the educational material.
  • Online and personal support from other members of the association and their specialist areas.
  • Ability to sell your specialist services or areas of knowledge through the association.

To get more specific details on the professional support and tools you'll be given, click here to CONTACT US

The support, education and backup materials you will receive from the PWA Association will give you the confidence and ability to serve this high-margin sector with complete confidence.