PWA overview page

Accountants with high end clients are in an enviable position. With the right support, you can expand the services you offer to those clients, keep them happy and increase your recurring revenue.

If you don't have clients in this sector already, with the Association's help you can migrate many of your existing clients into it. Once that has happened
new, wealthier clients will be attracted by your success.

The PWA Association will show you how to service your existing clients, gain new ones, and keep all of them closer to your practice, earning more from each client.

With the help of the PWA Association you will have everything you need to build new income streams and grow your business in the fast-moving world of private wealth accounting.

What will I get from joining the PWA Association?

PWA Association members gain fast-track entry into the world of international wealth management. You are given access to experienced wealth managers.
You will learn about the international wealth market from those managers and find out how to join it. With your new-found knowledge and experience you will take on more (higher value) work on behalf of your existing clients and build relationships with new high net worth clients.
To find out exactly how the PWA Association will help you do all of this, take a look at the What do you get page.


What's the opportunity?

Accountants can give their clients added value by widening what they offer.

Very often accountants pass their clients on to financial advisers, but in the United Kingdom the RDR situation means that many independent financial advisers are leaving the business.

For more detail on how the RDR situation enhances the opportunity for accountants, go to this page.

Accountants can obviously find new financial advisers to pass their clients on to, or they can keep them within their fold. With the right contacts you can support your clients' wealth portfolio management as well as handling their accounts and tax affairs.

Is this a sustainable business?

Absolutely it is. You will be entering a world where personal recommendation is the best way of acquiring clients.

Once you have started to develop your private wealth accountancy practice with your existing clients, word of mouth will bring you new clients. The PWA Association's wealth of experience will give you ways of keeping your clients close to you, working with your clients to help them on a  broader scale than you would as an accountant.

You will still provide your existing accountancy services but enhance your offering to include cashflow planning, tax planning, life accounting, inheritance planning, risk management and many others. You can also offer specialist services you have to other association members - another  avenue for growth.

The PWA Association's independence from any bank or financial advice service allows it to stand apart from the mis-selling scandals of the past and take a lead in restoring peoples' trust in wealth management.