Our story

This is the story of the PWA Association's founder, Mr Ayoob Rawat, who set the guiding principles of the association in stone.

For over 25 years Mr Rawat has been creating value for the shareholders and owners of banks and financial services companies in London,  Geneva, Mauritius and Malta. He was able to do so by applying a very strict discipline in accounting, controlling, cost / income ratio and risk  management. He also implemented information management systems and dashboards to support profitable growth.

From within, he witnessed at first-hand the transformation of the financial services industry. In the late Nineties those changes were accelerating, and creating new game-changing opportunities for those willing to position themselves to benefit from them.

Defining the game-changer

After going through an in depth market analysis, Mr Rawat defined a business model that would be the basis of the new practice, which he set up in 2001:
Cabinet Comptable Rawat.

The main elements of the business plan were to provide private clients and their families with financial planning and wealth management services.
Specifically those services would be:

  • Investment accounting
  • Controlling
  • Monitoring
  • Risk Management

The unique selling point of the practice was (and still is) the combination three specific ingredients:

1. An in depth understanding of clients' investment needs, of the evolution of the wealth management sector and of the upcoming opportunities.

2. A sound accounting discipline to define clear financial strategy that emphasizes risk/return and value creation.

3. A practical knowledge of IT solutions to solve specific business problems.

From his past experience, Mr Rawat knew that he had to invest in systems and processes to provide a professional service at a level which would  stand out, in order to attract, acquire and retain clients.

Achieving success

Over the past ten years he developed not only the required systems and processes, but also defined the principles that would create a distinct  and professional service.

Remaining independent of all banking and product distributors' influence, Mr Rawat successfully acquired clients and supported them in  reasserting control over their assets. The model worked!

Spreading the word

Spurred on by the advent of RDR, the forthcoming industry changes in Switzerland and the continued increase in wealth in the world, Mr Rawat is now launching the service internationally, maintaining all the skills and experience of Swiss wealth management expertise allied with British- inspired comparative advantage.

These principles will be implemented throughout the Private Wealth Accountants Association.